PoS based crypto currency for high staking returns.

Check out our newly built website, featured links to social media profiles, exchanges, forums, & much more.  Learn more about the TokyoCoin or download one of our wallet's to begin trading & staking you're very own! Tokyo coin stakes high with 200% stake yearly! its never a bad time to join in.

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TokyoCoinis a cryptocurrency with extremely high PoS rewards on a rapidly growing blockchain network. This coin offers investors the incentive to capitalize on their holdings by staking their coins on the network.

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x13 Algorithm PoS / PoW

An innovative X13 PoW/PoS coin which is 12 times faster and 12 times more secure than sha-256 algorithm used by bitcoin. ASIC-resistant and suitable for both CPU mining and GPU mining.

Fast & Secure Transactions

A decentralized, transparent and open-source blockchain facilitating fast, reliable and secure transactions across a large network of users. Currency can be sent instantaneously to anywhere in the world.

High Interest Returns

Offering the most profitable investment opportunity with interest rates of up to 200% per annum. It stands as the best coin on the market for long term holdings with the highest ROI currently available.

Blockchain Marketplace

Applying cutting-edge cryptography to blockchain and developing extensions through dApps and digital services. The use case for TokyoCoin is infinite and can be used to solicit any form of payment.

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